Allevamento del Ripa

"Dei Ripdiango" ... friendly, professionalism and passion.

German shepherd

Endowed with a strong intelligence, great learning ability, the German Shepherd is a very faithful dog to the owner and his family, reliable but of great temperament and vivacity, precious playmate. Among the many talents belonging to the German shepherd it should also be noted the great trainability, not common among the breeds of dogs. He can be as polite as a guard dog or a perfect friend and companion for the family, but it is important and essential that he receives proper training from a competent person (trainers recognized by the Enci), able to make the dog understand who is the boss and who is the subordinate, but always with extreme sensitivity. Being accustomed to respecting the hierarchy of the pack, must immediately understand who commands, maintaining respect, "esteem" and trust in the master. Given the size, it requires a lot of exercise and in fact loves to run in the open air: so take it out often to make it socialize with new environments, animals and play sports together.

Our specimens

Ery dei Ripdiango

Date of birth: 10/06/2018

Mother: Ery dei Ripdiango

Father: Ery dei Ripdiango

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Yang Umbria Land

Date of birth: 31/03/2017

Mother: Yang Umbria Land

Father: Yang Umbria Land

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Dama dei Ripdiango

Date of birth: 18/01/2016

Mother: Dama dei Ripdiango

Father: Dama dei Ripdiango

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Date of birth: 13/10/2014

Mother: Lexa

Father: Lexa

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Gomez Lupina House

Date of birth: 01/12/2013

Mother: Gomez Lupina House

Father: Gomez Lupina House

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Date of birth: 12/01/2012

Mother: Ripanita

Father: Ripanita

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Pia Von Asics

Date of birth: 25/12/2011

Mother: Pia Von Asics

Father: Pia Von Asics

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Ripalis del Ripa

Date of birth: 23/08/2011

Mother: Ripalis del Ripa

Father: Ripalis del Ripa

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Nina del Ripa

Date of birth: 18/01/2009

Mother: Nina del Ripa

Father: Nina del Ripa

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