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"Dei Ripdiango" ... friendly, professionalism and passion.

Year 1989

Our history

Eveything started in 1989 when aI was twelve, my parents allowed me to buy a puppy of German shepherd; although I was very young, I did my best to find a dog together with my brother Roberto (who later became a vet). We bought our first German shepherd, which we later discovered to be a "work" subject (blond-haired); with Rasky I spent most of my youth and with him I got closer and closer to the way of training to such an extent that I gave up my work as a graphic designer to open, in 1996, a pet shop called “Mondo Canoro” (“Singing Word” beacuse I have also a passion for ornithology). For several years I went to training camps, but the curiosity and predilection for the "beauty" way led me to buy. In 1998 a puppy named Susi dell'Isola dei Baroni (nephew of Visum Von Arminius) who unfortunately did not revealed particularly suitable for beauty competitions and poorly predisposed as a mare. Later I bought Konny del Desiderio in co-ownership with a trainer friend / figurant.This dog gave me the opportunity to laid the groundwork for a better and more complete knowledge of the breed (patents, selections, etc.) and I will always reserve a privileged place to her for her incredible character skills and for the exceptional feeling with me, unfortunately interrupted prematurely. In 2004 I opened a large pet shop “Idroscalo Animal's Store srl" and I hadn’t enought time to devote myself to breeding; I met my patient partner Tatiana (who sacrificed her original goals as a metropolitan citizen to follow my dog ​​project), I sold the business in 2006 and moved first in a small house that we shared with a P.T. Foxy of the Seprio (Zlatko Von Arminius x Week of Casa Beggiato). Then we decided to follow our dreams and buy a large farm in Gropello Cairoli (Pv), where we opened the "Ripa Farm Company" (together with the participation of my brother Marco). Today breeding is not the main source of livelihood (which is always inherent to the Pet sector). We have mares and stallions of German Shepherd and hardhaired Dachshund from the best Italian and German breeders (sometimes we do other litters even for dog culture). In 2008 and 2012 my two kids were born, who I hope will endure the passion for dogs; the road that the Ripa agricultural company has to carry out is still very long and we wish to cooperate with all the operators in the sector and the customers. Please contact us before every visit in order to schedule an appointment. I dedicate this site to my original and current family for all the commitments and sacrifices that have involved them and will involve them in such an exciting, demanding and complex sector. Thank you all... a hold of paw!

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