Allevamento del Ripa

"Dei Ripdiango" ... friendly, professionalism and passion.


Unparalleled breed for affection and devotion to its owner and family. It is a dog that always manages to make itself understood and to communicate with people. Its original provenance as a "tana" dog makes it proud to be fearless but also an excellent sofa companion. The dachshund is a small, large, healthy, robust dog, although apparently he does not give it to see his funny height disproportion at the withers and length. The hard hair (which many insist on calling with the synonym of rough) must be stripped by professionals if you want its characteristic to remain such and express the most pleasantness (whoever does not cause a real damage but favors that the regrowth is not correct and most of the time it results in a little hard hair). We breed mainly wild boar and chocolate color but it depends on the couplings and what then follows. In educating the puppy, in order to get the most out of his own Dachshund, characteristically speaking, one must keep in mind these characteristics that in order to be fully exploited and profitably require a loving, clear, frank and determined relationship, not unified by a certain firmness in limitations. With other dogs, puppy socialization is as important as social experience and with children. If you want a dog suitable for spaces even limited, affectionate how cute and rustic you only have to choose a dachshund.

Our specimens

Xfactor della Cafara

Date of birth: 19/04/2018

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Una dei Ripdiango

Date of birth: 26/07/2016

Mother: Aspirina di Casa Mainardi

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