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At the soc. agricultural of the Ripa every subject has its own value and dignity, as any breeding can happen of the subjects with some "defects" (fortunately seldom) and of the elderly subjects that have a different price or they are totally donated. The adoption is never unquestionable as we are interested in being sure that our dogs are going well starting on the assumption that the emotional value of a family, an elderly person, a disabled person is an ideal match for a dog that is not "suitable" "in breeding or not used for zootechnical purposes, as in competitions. For each published case, we will request the applicant's features and carefully evaluate the application before adoption on a case-by-case basis.

Available adoptions

Gomez Lupina House

Gomez (figlio di Sony dei Colli Sorici x Pia Von Asics) è un soggetto stupendo piazzatosi 5° alla expo Mondiale Enci a Milano, è BUONISSIMO con tutte le persone, i bambini e gli altri animali al di fuori degli alti maschi di taglia grande per ovvi motivi di competizione. Cerchiamo solo una buona famiglia per lui

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